Deadhead OG – Cannabis Delivery – 7 Grams – Sativa


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Deadhead OG – Cannabis Delivery – 7 Grams – Sativa

A classic of the modern West Coast, Deadhead OG was developed by Cali Connect Seeds’ master breeder Skunk VA through two legendary strains, Chemdog 91 and the SFV OG Kush. A hearty and pungent strain, the majority of phenotypes have an earthy, pineapple-like smell and taste, although some may lean more on the diesel aromas of SFV. Most users describe it as intellectual and relaxing, but with a comfortable body feel.

About Deadhead OG

Deadhead OG is a hybrid medical marijuana strain of both Sativa and Indica. Chemdawg 91 (Sativa) accounts for 60% of its DNA, while SFV OG Kush accounts for 40% of its DNA. Its THC content is consistently higher than 20.0 per cent and its CBD content is usually about 0.20 per cent. The classic strain was developed by Master Breeder Skunk VA at The Cali Link in June 2011. It has been very common in the western region of the U.S. since its birth.

The scent of Deadhead is quite pungent, but good. Patients also mention notes of oak, lemon and wood both in raw buds and in smoke. Its earthy scent is very smooth, yet it can easily permeate the house.


Deadhead OG can effectively treat a wide variety of disorders, including anxiety, insomnia, chronic depression, stress, and pain. When smoked, the upliftment of mood starts almost instantly. Feelings of laughter and euphoria are usual, and this change in mood usually lasts for a few hours. The mental high is very relaxing, resulting in increased concentration and introspection, rather than a dazed, stony feeling. It is recommended for those who want to be able to remain active after treatment. Though high does not cause lethargy, relaxation increases and one’s ability to fall asleep.

Accompanying the mental high is a high calming body. It soothes the muscles and jitters, dampening any discomfort.

The reported side effects include paranoia, anxiety, dizziness, dry mouth and dry eyes, but rarely. Since Deadhead is such a powerful strain, it is not recommended for patients who are new to cannabis smoking or have a poor degree of tolerance.


Deadhead OG is a hardy plant that can thrive in a number of indoor and outdoor environments. It also thrives on hydroponics. The plant typically grows to a medium height, producing medium to high yields depending on the favorable growing conditions. The average yield is 600 gm per square meter. The flower stage generally lasts from 8 to 10 weeks. The broad and sticky buds formed are fuzzy with white and orange hairs that are thickly THC-crusted. Deadhead’s adaptability and ease of growing make it an excellent alternative for inexperienced growers.