How Dose Cannabis Work?

Marijuana works by affecting the brain it’s a drug like many others with different effects on different people the active ingredient is called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC THC bonds to protein specific receptors in the brain to produce a number of results it can have a mild sedative effect and it can also lower your inhibitions […]

12 Interesting Facts About Cannabis

Marijuana, also known as weed or pot, refersto the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, whichcontains the psychoactive and mind-altering chemical, delta-9-tetra-hydro-cannabinol,or THC, as well as other related compounds. Let’s take a fun look at some interestingfacts about the world’s most beloved plant. Researchers find that 42% of people […]

What is in my Cannabis? THC vs CBD!

everyone is talking about CBD and THC which are two important chemicals found in marijuana with marijuana legalization becoming mainstream what is the actual difference between CBD and THC inside you right now there’s a biological pathway at work called the endocannabinoid system that helps regulate your mood appetite memory and pain sensation THC and […]

Is recreational marijuana use bad for your brain?

is recreational marijuana usebad for your brain? Marijuana actson the body’s cannabinoid system, which has receptorsall over the brain and body. Molecules native to the body,called endocannabinoids, also act on these receptors. We don’t totally understandthe cannabinoid system, but it has one featurethat provides a big clue to its function. Most neurotransmitterstravel from one neuron […]

How to quit weed today?

weed is the most commonly used drug in the world. The most commonly used psychoactive substance around the world the effects of weed are felt when thc the active ingredient in marijuana enters the bloodstream and makes its way into the brain addiction to weed is possible the national institute on drug abuse explains that […]