Broken Coast | Stargazer ( Sonora) AAAA – FIRE




Broken Coast | Stargazer ( Sonora) AAAA – FIRE


28 Grams

THC: 21.9%

CBD: 2%

Sonora (AKA Stargazer) is a cross between Starkiller and an unknown indica. Stargazer yields beautiful solid buds with large calyxes, heavily covered in resin. It’s a very frosty purple strain with a dominant terpene profile of limonene, caryophylene and myrcene that creates a unique fruity-gas aroma with a similar dank flavour profile. This indica strain produces thick, heavy smoke and tests medium to high on THC levels with a 70 per cent indica and 30 per cent sativa split.

About the Brand

Broken Coast is a licenced producer of medicinal cannabis located on Vancouver Island. They have deep roots in British Columbia, and they’re proud to contribute to the reputation their province has earned for producing outstanding cannabis. Their plants are grown in small batches in single-strain rooms, and they tailor their production schedule to ensure they have a constant supply of fresh products in stock. Broken Coast is constantly striving to improve our products, and they adhere to strict procedural and environmental protocols in order to maximize purity, quality, and customer satisfaction.